7 reviews for MWII Bot Lobby

  1. Champs (verified owner)

    Quick and reliable source for services! Vouch for people wanting to purchase

  2. Champs (verified owner)

    Quick and reliable service. Vouch for people looking for MW2 Lobbies.

  3. Caleb Norwood (verified owner)

    Admins were very nice and efficient.

  4. Nick Licata (verified owner)

  5. Josh Paterson (verified owner)

    Definitely worth getting, so easy to level up and get camos for guns, 100% will be buying more lobbies in the future!

  6. Louis Cripps (verified owner)

    Very quick and easy to do, was also able to adjust to when I was able to join the lobby

  7. Ian Carlson (verified owner)

    It helped a lot

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