26 reviews for Cold War & Warzone Dark Aether

  1. Sir

    Great Service, Very Simple and Quick! Definitely Recommend!!

  2. Cody

    10/10 service this was great easy service would buy again

  3. Mattp2323231 (verified owner)

    Service was great and the whole process was really easy and now i have the Dark aether on every gun!! recommend 100%

  4. Gustavo Fernandez

    Super quick and easy
    Not a scam either

  5. Hortoman96

    Did it so quick no problem at all 100% perfect!

  6. Rich (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing service, less then 5 minutes after purchase I had my Camo.

  7. Matthew Trombatore (verified owner)

    Amazing, literally only took 5 minutes!

  8. Hector T.

    Had to wait patiently through the day but once I was able to be helped it was super fast, and super simple.

  9. Jason A (verified owner)

    This was quick and easy!! Would 100% recommend doing this!!

  10. Jason (verified owner)

    10/10 this was hella fun and really fast!! Would recommend this to anyone who wants DA

  11. Collin Lacey (verified owner)

    Worked amazing! Took a while but that’s to be expected. Recommend 100%

  12. glowskii (verified owner)

    great service fast and the whole process was fast 100%

  13. Lance Wilcox

    This was super fast and really easy. very nice people love the work. not a scam, works 100%.

  14. Grimm

    Excellent service, very fast friendly staff too!

  15. Juliø (verified owner)

    fast and easy service, 100% Legit !

  16. Justin T (verified owner)

    Fast, super easy and simple! Would recommend 100%%%%%%%

  17. Aussiememes (verified owner)

    Got exactly what I wanted, amazing service and would recommend for anyone who can’t be bothered with DA

  18. Ryanhawkings86 (verified owner)

    10000000000/10 best service

  19. RozzIsShort (verified owner)

    zero issues with the service i was having technical issues with my game and they were very patient with me! highly recommend

  20. xPrhe

    Very easy, quick, and legit also have been a long time customer. this is my go to if i need my account modded

  21. Alex Garcia (verified owner)

    The best thing I’ve bought from here, I recommend it is one of the best

  22. finealright (verified owner)

    This is not fake, very simple and straightforward. They put you in a lobby and you just get Dark Aether by killing some zombies. Took like 5 minutes to do. Highly recommend.

  23. Mike keyes (verified owner)

    Luna high key the best place to get your stuff at, when Luna gets you done Luna gets you right. Same day, makes sure you’re straight, I couldn’t ask for a better service provider then Luna on the set.

  24. Invictus (verified owner)

    Bought this for my friend, he said 10/10, loved every bit of it, nice, respectable and just all around wonderful service. Would buy this for myself and a friend again

  25. jaydenrzn (verified owner)

    this guy is the nicest guy ive met and did the service for me in less then 10 mins. reliable and cheap prices. 5 stars for me

  26. Jay Trinidad (verified owner)

    5 stars great service quick and easy

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