27 reviews for Cold War Max Weapons

  1. rex (verified owner)

    was good value for the $20, he was fast to respond to my ticket too. earned mad xp/ranks for my weapon, but didn’t go up that many actual ranks (only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars)

  2. Zach (verified owner)

    Easiest way to level up guns, unlock camos for zombies and just rank up in general! Well worth the package price. Will buy again for sure!

  3. Brandon Haffey (verified owner)

    Very professional would recommend to my friends and I’m definitely coming back to buy more services!

  4. Lucas (verified owner)

    Great service. had some issues to begin with but they were dealt with extremely fast, and before I knew it I was in the lobby. I’m really happy, only wish I’d paid extra for more time! Definitely recommend to anybody looking to rank up their weapons quick quick, and have a good time doing it

  5. Zach (verified owner)

    Have used this twice now. Highly recommend the $40 package. I average 350-450k xp each time. Worth it 100%!

  6. Max (verified owner)

    Very Grate Service and totaly woth it. I’m definitely coming back and buy more services.

  7. Luis Mehmedagic (verified owner)

    Exactly as in the description! Made 2 of my weapons plague diamond. Definitely recommend it to anyone who want a lot of xp or camos!

  8. Kylan Owens (verified owner)

    He Did Exactly What Was On The Site Kept His Word, Even Gave Me 10 Extra Mins Of Getting Xp I Appreciate That Luna, He’s Legit People!!!!

  9. Dominic (verified owner)

    I highly recommend buying this, you level up levels and guns super quick. Would recommend it to everyone. He was fast to respond and I had no issues. Definitely will buy some more!

  10. Chase (verified owner)

    Got to me fast and leveled up my gun and prestige very quickly. I highly recommend. Get the 60 minute tho

  11. Madan subedi

    Easy way to rank guns and general everything worth it.

  12. Madan subedi

    Worth the price

  13. Madan subedi

    It is legit no scam and he also gives extra time on top of the time you bought it is just great worth the price. I recommend people buying it if you trying to level up faster and level up ur gun faster

  14. Cameron pellegrin (verified owner)

    Luna is a great guy 20 bucks was worth the it was very fast in responding and was very accommodating

  15. CucoPR (verified owner)

    I just want to say that Luna is 100% Legit I got my Xp lobby no problem

  16. Joseph Tournas (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome

  17. Sean Buckley

    Brilliant service. He is fast and you earn many levels and loads of camos. He also gives extra time! Great value for money!

  18. Daytripheatherk (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend. I’m a returning customer and appreciate the fast delivery and the pricing is great. Thanks again

  19. Luna (verified owner)

    Fast easy xp got prestige in no time

  20. ohOofers (verified owner)

    Super quick rank up and gun level ups. Super good for getting camos done too. Customer service was fast and great. Highly recommend.

  21. JTMF_. (verified owner)

    works a treat. got a fair few weapons to max. money well spent

  22. Marquise King (verified owner)

    Was such a good help, got a fast response and a fast service, I would recommend this to anyone who is needing weapon levels💯

  23. Seth Ryder

    It worked but if you want this for a while, get ready to spend some money, also you have to buy this multiple times if you want any kind of result which can get pretty expensive. Would be a 5 star if i could use it more than once

  24. ron

    super easy and no hassle whatsoever. got the 90 mins + an extra 20! great dude, great service and definitely worth it.

  25. Emilio (verified owner)

    Best mod service ever, been using him since he came out and never let me down, paid for a 60min session and was nice enough to give me an extra 20 min you da best Luna!

  26. James

    Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to max out their weapons.
    Booster was nice and made easy work of it, took less than 30 mins to max out my weapons

  27. Archie Spencer (verified owner)

    All of Lunas services are great!

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