What Is Included With Black Ops 3 Account:

– Level 1000 Multiplayer and Zombies
– Unlock All
– Insane Classes
– Unlocks All Camos (Dark matter)
– Cherry Fizz Camo (Only applied to classes)
– Unlimited Active Camo, Combat Focus, Ripper and Heatwave
– Heatwave as lethal
– Godmode + Invisibility (if purchased)
– Unlimited Specialist weapons
– Unlocks All Titles
– Hero Gear on all specialists
– 100 Rare Supply Drops
– 20 No Duplicate Rare Supply Drops
– 9 Ranged Weapon Bribes
– 9 Melee Weapon Bribes
– 1 One of a Kind Bribe
– 1 Camo Bribe
– All Zombies Easter Eggs Completed

15 reviews for Black Ops 3 Account

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Account took a bit longer than a day to receive

  2. Joshua Gregpry (verified owner)

    Account didnt save at first, once I contact them for help issue was resolved

  3. Raeann Doshi (verified owner)

    I was expecting to receive the account within a few minutes not a day but I did get it

  4. Alan Colin (verified owner)

    I was expecting to get scammed tbh

  5. sxf.rl (verified owner)

    Didnt like the day wait to get my account

  6. Nazir Jenkins (verified owner)

    thanks for the ps4 acc 🙂

  7. Josh Kirby (verified owner)

    I got my account (:

  8. Parker Loew (verified owner)

    The account they sent me at first was blank, messaged luna about the issue he then got a hold of the staff member that made my account and fixed the account tyy!

  9. luke johnson (verified owner)

    my account got delivered today

  10. Roman Binns (verified owner)

    They legit

  11. Bryan Hernandez (verified owner)

    Thank you for the help on the account luna and evo

  12. Roman Binns (verified owner)

    Ordered last night, got it today

  13. Bryan Hernandez (verified owner)

    They sent me the wrong login but it all got resolved, thank you

  14. Hoco


  15. Matthew (verified owner)

    Listen up to all those who have been hesitant on buying something like this or have been reading into things like there’s where a lot of times it just ends up in a scam. I was one of those people. I instantly started panicked when I placed the order. The only thing that was running through my head was “I just lost $95”. But I waited patiently and a day and a half later I got an email with the account information and a guide on how to use the invisibility/godmode. Lvl 1000 mp and zombies, dm and cherry blossom camo, a bunch of awesome modded premade classes. The whole 9 yards. I can’t express enough how awesome these guys are. Believe me when I say it’s worth it.

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