What Is Included With Black Ops 3 Colored Account:

If you change the clan-tag on the account, you’ll lose access to the colored name!

• Colored Name (Green in Zombies & Cyan in Multiplayer)
• Unreleased Prestige 12 Zombies(Badge) (level 35)
• Prestige 15 Multiplayer (Badge) (Level 55)
• Unreleased Perks MP (Dexterity, Toughness, Lightweight, Extreme Conditioning)
• Colored Classes
• Stats Multiplayer & Zombies
• Insane Classes
• Unreleased Camos Multiplayer (Soft)
• Unlimited Specialist Weapons
• DLC Weapons (M14, 1911, Marshall, Olympia..)
• All Challenges 100% Multiplayer & Zombies
• Zombies Unlimited Death Machine/DG-4/Nan Sapwe..
• Dark Matter
• All Heroes Specialists
• All Zombies Easter Eggs + RK5
• 20x Liquids Diviniums
• 1x Three-of-a-kind Bribe
• 1x Bride Camo
• 1x Weapon Bride
• 90x Rare Supply Drops
• 20x No Dupe Rare Supply Drops
• 8x Ranged Weapon Bribes
• 8x Melee Weapon Bribes
• Unreleased Camo is Soft (if you change the camo you will no longer have it)


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